Laravel is one of the top famous PHP frameworks I ever used. It is based on MVC architecture and comes with lots of useful features for easier web developing. For example, authorization setup by a single command, database migration, and routing configuration.

This tutorial list the steps to install Laravel project on Windows 10 using Laragon. So what is Laragon? Basically, it allows you to set up a Laravel project easily by using GUI. It is a powerful universal development environment for managing modern web application.

1. Install Laragon

Go to Laragon download page and choose the version based on your needs. However, I prefer to download the full version as it might save you a lot of time for configuration in the future.

1.0 Laragon Download page

Go to your download folder(by default downloaded installer will be stored in there) to find Laragon installer. As usual, just double click. And continue with its default setting by pressing next/yes. as shown in the lists of figures below:

1.1 Select your languague
1.2 Setup Introduction
1.3 Select your desired install location
1.4 Choose your desired features
1.5 Confirm your installation
1.6 Undergoing install process
1.7 Installation finished
1.8 Run Laragon

After your Laragon is installed successfully. We can proceed to the next step, install the Laravel project, it is very simple.

2. Install Laravel

First of all, press “Start All” button in the bottom left of Laragon to run Apache and MySQL, and then navigate your little mouse to the “Menu” there and press on it.

2.0 Laragon menu

And then navigate to “Quick App->Laravel” as shown below:

2.1 Navigation to Laravel

Click on it and Laragon will prompt your desired Laravel project name

2.2 Desired Laravel project name

A terminal will pop up and start showing the progress of Laravel installation. (Windows OS will pop up security prompt to make sure you want to make some change, just click yes and proceed).Once your project is set up, the final picture would similar to this:

2.3 Completed Laravel Installation

From the figure above, “C:/laragon/www/example” is your project location. While “http://example.test” is your development URL. You can close it after installation.

3. Test your Laravel URL

Now in your browser, navigate to “http://example.test“, it will show up your Laravel web application.

3.0 Project Testing

Well, you can use Laragon to open your link, or URL anytime. Which is one useful feature provide by Laragon?

3.1 Open project link from Laragon menu

That’s all! As mention before, the project folder is located at “C:/laragon/www/<project name>“. Now just need to open it with an editor to start our development journey.

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